Service by Meissner:

Manufacturer-independent maintenance and repair

Our service at Meissner offers manufacturer-independent repair and maintenance. From adjustments in the event of changes to repairs in the event of wear and damage to lifelong support for our projects. All of this is part of our standard service.

Customer training and service

We train our customers in the use of molds and systems, thus offering maximum reliability and added value in production. Our repair, maintenance and modification service is available not only for tools built by us, but also for tools from other manufacturers.

Why Service by Meissner? Because we can!

Quite simple! We have excellently trained, experienced employees, outstanding materials and state-of-the-art machines. If you can have No. 1, why should you settle for No. 2?

With you or with us

... service where you need it.

Billing according to expenditure

... no time lost during the quotation phase.

Focused processing

... time savings for projects.


... service for systems and tools from other manufacturers too.
Our team of experts

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Franz-Georg Bentele

Franz-Georg Bentele

Sales Director
Dominik Achenbach

Dominik Achenbach

Key Account Manager
Roland Reim

Roland Reim

Volker Bück

Volker Bück