Foundry tools

Your system partner for foundry tools

Meissner is your competent partner for all casting processes in iron and light metal casting. Our experts are proficient in all methods and manufacture core molds, permanent molds and die casting molds with the highest precision. By using state-of-the-art technologies such as simulation technology and 3D printing processes as well as simultaneous high-speed milling in 5 axes, we are able to implement our customers' wishes quickly. Our continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology and an extensive supplier network make us flexible and independent.

The employee – the greatest asset

Despite our state-of-the-art equipment, our toolmaking employees are the key to our quality and success. All employees have qualified vocational training and extensive experience.

Functionality and precision for the highest possible added value

Our tools not only impress with their functionality and precision, but also with their reliability and durability. Meissner tools ensure the highest possible added value in our customers’ production.

Prototype and series coreboxes

  • Inorganics
  • Hotbox (electrically or oil heated)
  • Coldbox
  • Croning

Core handling equipment

  • Pick off forks/palettes
  • Core assembly and insertion jigs
  • Core screwing and gluing devices
  • Core transport pallets
  • Core handling grippers


  • Gravity
  • Tilt casting
  • Rotacast
  • Low pressure
  • CPC incl. casting mechanization

Die casting molds

  • Die casting molds of all types including deburring devices
  • Cast parts in pre-series and series casting machining Al; Mg; Zn
  • Cast-on pins, cycle and service life optimized


  • Corebox filling simulation
  • Heat balance simulation
  • Casting simulation
  • Solidification simulation
  • Simulation with MAGMA
Our team of experts

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Markus Bäcker

Markus Bäcker

Key Account Manager
Pascal Haßler

Pascal Haßler

Key Account Manager
Stephan Koch

Stephan Koch

Technical Project Manager
Manfred Heiner

Manfred Heiner

Technical Project Manager