Meissner AG

Your partner for tools for car trim parts

Meissner is your expert for the production of complex tools for trim and isolation of motor vehicles. Our specialists are proficient in all manufacturing processes and build tools for trim parts using all known methods. We use state-of-the-art technology such as simulation technology and 3D printing processes as well as simultaneous high-speed milling to quickly implement customer requirements. Our continuous investment in modern technology and a large supplier network make us highly flexible and independent.

The employee – the greatest asset

Despite state-of-the-art equipment, our employees are the central element for quality and success in in the foaming, punching and press-pinch tooling division. All employees have qualified vocational training and extensive experience.

Functionality and precision for the highest possible added value

Our tools not only impress with their functionality and precision, but also with their reliability and durability. Meissner tools ensure the highest possible added value in our customers’ production.

Prototype and series tools

  • Forming tools
  • Pressing tools
  • Deep drawing tools
  • Foaming tools
  • Spray foaming tools
  • TSS tools (deep drawing, foaming, cutting)
  • Press-pinch tools
  • Dampf-Vakuumwerkzeuge
  • Steam-vacuum tools
  • Cooling tools
  • Punching tools
  • Vulcanization tools

Production equipment

  • Transfer handling
  • Cooling trays
  • Storage trays
  • HF trays
  • Spray trays
  • Waterjet trays
  • Test gauges

Plants and devices

  • Hydraulic mold carriers
  • Tacker devices
  • Assembly devices
  • Laminating devices
  • Welding fixtures
  • Clip tables
Our team of experts

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Dominik Achenbach

Dominik Achenbach

Key Account Manager
Konstantin Hein

Konstantin Hein

Key Account Manager
Hartmut Paulus

Hartmut Paulus

Technical Project Manager