Know-how and motivation

Know-how and motivation are the best prerequisites for quality. Thanks to decades of experience, we have extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of tools and equipment, as well as our customers’ manufacturing processes.

Greeb, Matthias_4171
“Our goal is not only to provide our trainees with the required professional competence, but also social skills in order to be fit for their future”
Matthias Greeb - Apprenticeship Management

We pass on this knowledge from generation to generation by continuously training and providing further education. We do not limit ourselves to “classic” careers. In cooperation with the nearby Technical University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen, we also offer young people the opportunity to learn hands-on mechanical engineering with a focus on tool and automation technology. Experienced colleagues assist our junior staff as mentors and pass on the knowledge pass on the knowledge they have gathered over decades.

Bischoff, Madelaine_4781
“Meissner gives us the knowledge, takes care of the apprentices and supports us if we have any suggestions.”
Madelaine Bischoff - Technical product designer

Further education programs for all areas and departments complete our concept of lifelong learning. Finally, we constantly develop our know-how by regularly investing in the latest production technologies and constantly optimising our work processes.

Müller, Niklas_4796
“Meissner is simply a great company”
Niklas Müller - Machining mechanic

In addition to the know-how, the exceptional motivation of our team is the key to the quality of our work. And this motivation is very much based on our employee participation model. It is also the appreciation of our customers that motivates and drives us.