From the idea to series production – your system partner in all matters

The development of visions for the future has always been a top priority at Meissner AG. For some time now, our own research and development department (R&D for short) has rounded off the Meissner AG portfolio. In this area, we not only work on in-house developments, but also cooperate with external partners in joint projects.

One example of this is “ImmPro” – short for Immersive Production Space – which means “real learning in virtual space”. This project, which Meissner AG launched together with RWTH Aachen University, focuses on the transfer of knowledge from experienced toolmakers to students and trainees.

But “ProRepForm” – an additive-generative manufacturing project under the auspices of “Zwanzig20” – was also developed in the R&D department. This involved continuously automated generative process chains for repairing moulds and tools.
In addition to such and similar research projects, the employees of the R&D
department are also entrusted with the research and implementation of new product areas such as additive manufacturing or vertical farming – and this from the idea to series production. An important step to put the company on a broader footing and ensure its continued existence in a constantly changing market.


Böchner, Steffen
Head of Research & Development
(+49) 6461-802 384