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The production of blown plastic hollow bodies knows a number of different processes and each has its own characteristics. Our specialists feel right at home in all processes and our mould making department produces blow moulds for all known manufacturing processes. With the support of state-of-the-art technologies such as simulation technology, various sintering and 3D printing processes, and simulated high-speed milling in 5 axes, we realise the wishes of our customers in the shortest possible time. Our modern technical equipment, in which we invest permanently, as well as our large supplier network, make us flexible and independent.

Despite state-of-the-art equipment, employees are the most important element for quality and success in blow moulding. Therefore, all employees have completed at least one qualified vocational apprenticeship, to which years of experience are usually added.

The result is blow moulds that really do pay for themselves. Our blow moulds not only impress with their functionality and precision, but also with their reliability and durability. This is how Meissner blow moulds ensure the highest possible added value in our customers’ production facilities.


Prototype and serial molds for blown hollow bodies and rotation processes:

  • Plastic fuel tanks
  • Filler pipes
  • SCR tanks
  • Air ducts
  • etc.


  • Barrels and canisters
  • Ground tanks up to 6.000 liter
  • IBC and water tanks
  • etc.

Equipment and devices:

  • Post cooling molds / devices
  • Cooling units
  • Heating stations (e.g. floor heating station for
    melting / preheating of components)
  • Flash punch

Automation technology:

  • Basements
  • Robot grippers
  • Handling devices
  • All types of End of Arm tools
  • Removal grippers
  • Insertion devices for components
  • Handling tools for trim
  • Component welding tools

Planning and controlling:

  • Electric and Fluid diagram by “E-PLAN”
  • Robot programming
  • Sequence and program planning

Quality enhancement:

  • Test of mold functions with production-related
    schedules with SPS S7 control
  • Endurance tests
  • Robot approvals / acceptances

Eckhardt, Tom
Key Account Manager Blow Molds
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Bastian, Tom
Key Account Manager Blow Molds

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Pfeifer, Frank
Technical Project Manager Blow Molds
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