Meissner AG at GreenTech

Visit us at GreenTech in Amsterdam!

Meissner AG shows their patented vertical farming system OrbiPlant®.

Booth: 05.370VF
Date: 13.– 15. June 2023
opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00
adress: Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam Netherlands

Meissner meets Abu Dhabi

Congress in the middle east in december. A delegation from Meissner AG was also there, and its own OrbiPlant® vertical farming system met with great interest. (2023-05-31)

Vocational training at Meissner

Ideal for students from the Biedenkopf area or from Wittgenstein: a technical or commercial apprenticeship at Meissner AG in Wallau. (2023-05-10)

Automation-Engineering Made by Meissner

Who hasn’t experienced it? Suddenly a malfunction occurs on a machine or system and off it goes – the troubleshooting. But where is the problem? Is it the hydraulics? The pneumatics? Or is it the electrical system? The circuit diagram is quickly consulted, but the first disillusionment is great. The diagram is not up to date, there are no connections from electrical to fluid or there are no markings for the equipment. We have a solution! (2021-09-24)

MEISSNER relies on FASTSUITE by CENIT for automation

To serve clients from around the world, tool making company Meissner AG strives to continually expand its automation portfolio. In 2019, this resulted in a new business unit. In addition to mold loading and unloading equipment, the company intends to explore new approaches in the use of robotic systems. The effort has yielded excellent manufacturing solutions, including a project in which a robot executes 160,000 surface embossing operations that look as though they have been done by manual engraving. To realize its robot programming objectives, Meissner partnered with CENIT’s FASTSUITE team.